Saturday, June 1, 2019

June 1

June 1...hurricane season starts today

June 1...though we have had been experiencing mid-to late summer temps for about a month, summer officially starts in about three weeks

June 1...watermelons are amazing this season, so are cantaloupes

June sister gave me a homegrown tomato from her garden today

June 1...June's calendar is already getting booked

June 1...dragonflies are everywhere

June 1...waiting for the first firefly

June 1...flowing dresses and sandals, the perfect summer wardrobe

June 1...homemade popsicles

June tea is best sipped on hot afternoons

June 1...gardenias fill the warm humid air with an otherworldly fragrance

June 1...smell of fresh cut grass

June 1...fresh veggies make it easy to eat  healthy

June 1...time to slow down

June 1...fresh flowers daily

1 comment:

  1. I wish cooler temperatures for you. The heat must be pretty exhausting for you. So far, we have been very lucky with the temperature and I've been working outside pretty well all day till about 9:30pm. I'm getting a lot of yard work done but no where finished. The mosquitoes are just starting.
    Hugs, Julia