Wednesday, June 12, 2019


The recent rains brought out the green stuff.  Everything looks lush again.  The moss and ferns are rejoicing.

A trip to the acupuncturist today.  It is so worth the drive into Birmingham.

It's Wednesday already and the month of June is almost to its half way mark.  We have had the summer temps for sometime.  She makes her official appearance soon.  I truly try not to wish time away and to stay in the present, but the heat makes it difficult. 

I hope the rest of your week goes down easy.
Be kind, be grateful.


  1. No green stuff compares to the beauty of the basket of blueberries. Perhaps, because I do have green stuff here, but no blueberries.

  2. I hope it helps you. I so wish it could heal your vertigo.
    Hang in there.
    I can't take the heat well. I'm useless in the heat.
    Hugs, Julia