Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hump Day

Jordan spent part of the day with us.  He has had two meets this week and another one tomorrow.
He is a tired swimmer.   We walked the dogs and normally he helps pick blueberries but I gave him the morning off.  He snuggled on the sofa and read a book. 

I was envious of Jordan's snuggle on the couch.  I think I am in dire need of that myself.  Hopefully this weekend I too will have a sofa snuggle.

When we walked this morning the humidity was 89 percent.  My skin was wet from the moisture in the air.  I huffed and puffed with each step.  My body was not meant for heat and humidity.  My brother Ricky laughs and tells me October will be here before we know it.  October is our dry month.

Time for a cup of tea and bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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