Wednesday, June 26, 2019


To answer your questions about the tomatoes from last night, yes they are big.  Bigger than my hand.
And our BLT was yummy this morning. Oh yeah, I use basil not lettuce so it was a BBT.

I am still experiencing bouts of vertigo/migraine.  They are not nearly as severe as back in the spring, but those moments do pop up.  They do seem to worsen and become more active with weather changes.  And I know that heat and lack of hydration are triggers, so is stress.  The acupuncture has made a big difference and I have added a couple of supplements as well.  It is pretty much trial and error and fingers crossed.

Jordan spent most of the day with us.  It was a really good day for all three of us. 

Tomorrow is my Friday.  I love my three day weekends.  Enjoy your Thursday.  Please be kind, it seems we are in such short supply of kindness these days.  It's something we all need.

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  1. I love basil as well and I have a huge supply growing in the garden for pesto and to flavour dishes. I love chicken pesto pizza and pesto pasta and even pesto on crackers. I planted 5 Roma II tomato plants in my garden but my husband plated some other kinds at the farm. We always have an over supply of everything that we give away.

    Rest this weekend.
    Hugs, Julia