Saturday, June 15, 2019


I finally got my impatiens planted in their containers in the front yard.  The front of our house faces north.  Most of the growth there includes moss, ferns  for the summer.  But I through the years I have found that impatiens do well in containers there.  I had the planters and soil, but the local nursery had sold out of impatiens a couple of weeks ago.  Today we went by Home Depot and picked up plants.

I try very hard to buy local.  Sometimes you just can't and a chain or big box is a have to.
Tomorrow I will post pictures though the plants won't be at their best for a couple of week.
Out weather this week has been almost perfection, low 80's  and night time lows in the 50's.  We knew it was too good to last.  Today it is back up in the 90's and the humidity is building.

I hope your Saturday has been good and I hope your Sunday is peaceful.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I planted my impatients yesterday also. One of our local nursery man gave me three trays of flowers, and one of them was impatients. I already had planted a tray of red impatients that I started from seeds in the front of the
    house last week. I've been weeding like crazy. With the frequent rain, everything is growing like crazy.
    Enjoy your Sunday. Today, I'm resting.
    Hugs, Julia