Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Over the Hump

with much gratitude, thank you all for your love, healing energy and prayers......I am better tonight.
I have learned the hard way, when the lungs act up, it's time to act fast, not think or hope it will go away or get better.  Called the pulmonary doc, got the meds started yesterday......all I can say, bless the one who created antibiotics, without them....well, we know the drill.

Couch time, large quantities of hot tea, a short walk with Rick and the dogs and hot and sour soup.....that has been my day.

But, in the continues to amaze me, friends call, send notes, family checks in.  It is good to feel the love.  Even Taz takes care of me on the bad days.

It is still cold and damp here in Alabama........but I actually enjoy it in a weird sort of way.  I love the fact that Mother Nature demands rest for living things, it is nice to know that as the trees and plants here lie dormant, their energy is building for growth and flourishing come spring.  The sunsets and evening skies grow more beautiful with the cold and the stars sparkle and shine.  Some mornings the frost is so thick and heavy that the fields and bare trees shimmer in the early light of day.  There is beauty even in the starkness.  I always hope for snow, even just a few flurries make my day. Some curse winter and wish away their time waiting for's important to find beauty every day, to be in the present, the  future will come as it should.

Another cup of hot tea awaits me, wishing you all a warm cozy night, a loving hug and a sweet smile.
goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. Sweet, caring entry. I like it. Nite.

  2. I am glad you're feeling better. Keep doing what you are doing until you are completely well.

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. My feet are still trying to thaw from working at the farm. The sun is shining and it does look pretty outside.