Saturday, January 17, 2015

Look Up

It has been a laid back Saturday.......we decided to go out for lunch today,  after we parked in the parking lot, I walked over to fountain where some kids were playing.  I realized that for the first time in several days the sun was shinning and I looked up at the sky.  Much to my surprise I saw the flag flying against those clouds, I was taken aback.  The flag was so big, I don't know how I missed seeing  it as I got out of the car, but when I looked up........what a sight to behold.

Life is often like that.......we're so focused on one thing ( I was seeing the kids/fountain) that we miss the big picture.  Looking up gave me a view of an exquisite sky and Old Glory waving by changing my view for a split second........I saw something totally different.  It pays to be perceptive of our surroundings, to see from a different angle.......sometimes we just need to look up.


  1. An epiphany. It is truly amazing at all the things we miss each day.

  2. A great metaphor for taking time to see what is in front of our eyes by just looking and being in the moment.

  3. I get mad at myself for having tunnel vision at times..glad you took the moment to enjoy that beautiful sky and the flag! Hope your Sunday was a good one and you have a great week ahead!

  4. thank ya'll, it was an epiphany of sorts, and the seeing that flag and sky just overhead was surreal.