Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back Pain and Birthdays

The American Chiropractic Association reports that at any given time, 31 million Americans suffer with lower back with that thought in the back of my head, classes were all about the back today.....slow, easy cow/cat postures ( seated, kneeling and standing)  gentle twists, knees to chest, side stretches and boat asanas to strengthen the core.  Everyone in both classes admitted to back pain, all left class smiling.  Yoga has been proven to help with lower back pain.

It is still cold and damp, snow flurries, sleet and rain were on the agenda today......I actually saw snowflakes falling as big as nickles.......I did my snow happy dance.
But with cold damp weather, back issues can flare......get thee to a yoga class, talk to the instructor, take it slow and easy and feel better soon.

Tomorrow is Friday, the weekend is upon was my husband, Rick's birthday. He is 64 and yes according to the Beatles's tune......I still need him, I still feed him.  :)
At 64 years young, his back issues are almost non-existent since he started his yoga practice......and he can touch his toes!

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. My favorite is the cobra. It stretches my back so nicely. I actually feel younger.

  2. You share such good advice.
    Happy Birthday to Rick.
    Sleep well.

  3. As an older male (not quite 64), I place a lot of value on this advice- yoga is such a fantastic tool to utilize during the aging process, when our bodies are beginning to show their years. The poses you suggested (cat/cow) are so gentle and so efficient. Great work!

    Mark Wallace @ Chiropractic Memphis

  4. I’ve always found yoga relaxing and always feel better after I complete a class. I also suffer from back pain, not enough to seek treatment, but enough that it does bother me. Now that I know the relief I can gain from yoga, I am definitely going to make an effort to make more classes and learn new moves.

    Prince Baughman @ Everybody's Chiropractic

  5. A friend of mine recommended that I go visit the chiropractor this year and I am so excited that I did. The back pain I was getting used to living with was completely gone. He moved the nerves that were pressing against my spine and now I am like I was feeling back in high school. If you have never been, make an appointment today

    Jacqueline Hodges @ Dr Koziol