Friday, January 2, 2015


Meningitis hit fast this time, started yesterday but I felt well enough to teach my classes today, ( wrong) well, I taught all the way until half way of last relaxation........then my friend decided to show her ugly face again.  Yep, Rick had to come and pick me up at is official.....he is my personal taxi driver.  I have started the New Year with a bang.

All I can do these days is laugh about it.  I have cried and berated myself and this illness to no avail.
Rick laughs about it too, as he and a few of my workmates helped me to the vehicle this evening, he chided me about drinking on the friends just howled.  ( remember, I work at an addiction center)

Laughter is good medicine.  I have learned much these past three years......what I have learned most.....patience and laughing at myself.  I know from personal experience, tears are not the answer on this path.......sofa time, hydration, ice packs and meds get me through......and the laughter.

For this first weekend of the new year.......I have hopes of taking down my tree, putting up the decorations and doing my vision board.......we'll just have to see what tomorrow brings......I plan on laughing alot.....I hope you do too.


  1. I hope you feel better soon Jilda... I have learned so much from reading your blog this last year... having gratitude is very important and laughter too... xox

  2. I sure hope you feel up to your old self this weekend and not just so you can take down your I laugh at myself too when I walk into doorways, fall over when standing up and walk like an 80 year old when I get out of bed in the morning. I have to laugh or else I'd cry for a really long time! Hugs X

  3. You don't let anything stop you..I hope you feel better and can enjoy the weekend. Getting the decorations down has been our goal today. I'm not much help this year! Take it easy and continue to use the best medicine...laughter!