Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Week Of Change

Change.......even good change can be hard.  Monday was  a day of change .......I got up Monday morning, opened the door to the fridge and realized there were puddles......never a good sign.
The fridge had died, Ingrid ( my car) was getting older (19 years) and sicker, our great nephew and niece are moving to London.......I called in to work, took the day off.
First on the list, clean out the the freezer and fridge......UGH
second, find a new fridge ( did you know the big home stores do not keep them in stock, 8-10 day waiting period)
third, our nephew and niece need to sell their car fast
fourth, I have to face the facts, Ingrid needs a home where a mechanic lives who loves her

I found a local mom and pop appliance store who had a fridge, who delivered it that afternoon.......the kicker......neither Rick nor I measured the fridge is about half an inch too nephew Haven to the rescue......he has a mighty saw, and knew how to use it. My kitchen cabinet is now a wee bit smaller.

Niece and nephew have a great Honda Accord, almost new, give us an offer we can't now I have Dharma ( one meaning, cosmic order) which really was true.......I had a need, they had a need, the universe provided in true cosmic order.  Dharma is white, ( like the lotus flowers I love)
and since the high temp today was 26 degrees the heated seats that she has made me fall in love.
Now I just have to find Ingrid a good home.

So change has been plentiful in my life this week in many ways, loss of a dear friend, a new car,
a new fridge and family to visit in London this year.  Wow, January started with a bang.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Things are right in the universe. Karma and Love.
    ps GREAT car and so fortunate to find a fridge close by.

  2. The law of Karma never fails.
    I love heated seat and had heated seat in my 300 M Chrysler but not in my van.

    Best of luck with your new to you car.


  3. Once you are used to the changes all will be well. You will miss Ingrid but you are finding her a good new home. Ever onward!