Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good Day

Lots of new students today.......it is always such an honor to someone's first yoga teacher.  I did not make it to work yesterday, finally NOT sickness, but the fridge died sometime Sunday.......whew, what a mess.  It took me all day to clean out fridge and freezer and then we had to go buy a new one.
Not only did we buy a new fridge yesterday but we also bought another car..........yep, after all these years I will be saying goodbye to Ingrid.......I will miss her.  Today as I was telling my boss about my day yesterday, she laughed and said that was great, as I looked at her strangely, she laughed again and told me, she knew I would not be retiring anytime soon.

Back to classes, with all the new faces today and most had never taken a yoga class before......we spent a great deal of time on breathing and then we did very gentle moon salutations ( in honor of that beautiful moon last night).  After both classes, all were smiling and asking when I would be back.......that always makes a teacher feel great.

So the new year, new week and new month is off and running, and the days are getting longer........
I hope your day as been a good one, enjoy your hump day tomorrow.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Yoga does wonderful things for both body and mind. I hope your students appreciate you.

  2. I wish you lived closer. I would love to learn some mediation and breathing lessons from you! Hugs my friendXX

  3. I'm glad you had a good day. it makes up for the not so good one.


  4. I might have faked treatment sickness to get out of all that mess! May your new car bring you as much service and happiness as Ingrid!