Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Treatment #16

Treatment #16.........they are working, I can tell, and my numbers are coming up..... but,.it doesn't mean I embrace them.  When I got to the infusion room this morning there was only one other person in those big green chairs, within the next hour all the chairs were taken......the room buzzed like a bee hive.

One of the chair buddies had great news more chemo for her.....she was beside herself with joy.  Louis, my favorite chair buddy came in today. He was suppose to go to a baseball game, but he wasn't feeling well.  I admit, I was glad to see him, but I don't want him sick.  He has done treatments three years....
I am sure he has had his moments, but all you ever see is hope, kindness and dignity. A three time, cancer survivor he is speaking at a fund raiser this weekend.  He told me the only reason he agreed to going, they promised him he didn't have to wear pink.......Louis is not a pink kind of guy.  He looks and sounds like Morgan Freeman.

We were short a nurse today, Justin and Lolly never stopped.....they work that room like a well oiled machine, with incredible team effort. If I were to ever win the lottery, those nurses live's would get much easier. I feel as though they are family, they have become such a part of my life. They take good care of me and all the others who sit in those big green chairs.

I am incredibly tired tonight, it's hard work......letting that drip work its way through your body for almost four hours. I think about my life before I started the infusions, how sick I was.........when I started them, I thought 6 months or so and all will be better......I think about the sickness, how bad the treatments were that first year.......but now we have the kinks worked out, the rate that is right for me and my body.  16 months,
life sustaining juice, every month........I am grateful.
Goodnight, sweet dreams

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  1. How wonderful that you have found the "magic" that makes you feel so much better. It is a gift but one that comes with strings attached...literally. Bless you, Jilda, as you continue your journey to being well- xo Diana