Friday, May 3, 2013

The Gift

We visited our friends Charlie and Yvonne this afternoon......they are older.....and wiser ......
and so wonderful.  Charlie was in Washington politics for years, he is witty and smart.....Yvonne hosts (along with Charlie) a local tv show.  Spending time with them is such a treat.

As we sat and laughed and talked, Yvonne looked at me, and said she would be right back.
When she came back, she handed me an exquisite gold/rose gold engraved bangle bracelet.
I looked at her puzzled, she said this is yours, put it on.  It was a bracelet that Charlie had given her years ago..........she said, who else would I give this to ?  I have no daughter, take it.
I was in tears and so deeply touched,  It is a gift I will always treasure.

I understand her gesture, I have started giving my nieces pieces of my jewelry for their birthday and Christmas gifts.  I want them to know and enjoy the pieces and their histories.
I want to see their faces when they open each  box, I mean if I am dead and gone, how will I know their joy?  I understand the importance of giving the specific gifts to those you want to have them.  The time is now, not later.

I have ran my fingers across the smooth coolness of that gold bangle many times tonight......
thinking of a young and beautiful Yvonne, dazzled by her charming and powerful husband....and the gifts that he bestowed upon her.  I am honored to receive such a gift, knowing its history.......knowing their love for each other.  I will wear it with love......such a wonderful gift.

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  1. What a great gift and what a wonderful friend. I find myself giving things away to my kids when they admire're right, it's fun to see the smiles and then to see them using it. Enjoy your bracelet and your good friend!