Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Creative Battles

Transformation is always on going.......well hopefully it is.  Creative transformation is quite often the last transformation I want to deal with.....turns out I am not alone.  It seems that many run from their creative energy......and many cheat themselves of its benefits.

I read an article over the week-end in Real Simple magazine, a listing of 50 life-changing books.  Many of them I had already read, but one jumped from the page right smack into my face......"The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield.
I looked at Rick and told him we had to buy this book, we both needed to read it.  He bought a Kindle version, my paper back came today.

The sub-title of the book......break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles.  I have just started reading it this evening......if this works, I will sing it from the roof tops.  You know, we all fight this battle, for some it is direct creative energy, but for others, it is a desire to lose weight, beat an addiction, reach a goal we have dreamed about for years.....we all have some gift to give the world, but it seems we cheat ourselves
and the world of those gifts.

I think by tomorrow night I will have read this small book, will let you all know what I think. Personally, I am hoping for a major jump start on winning my creative battles.

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  1. I run from my muse...generally with her beating me over the head the entire way.

    Mayhap it's time to stop running.