Tuesday, May 21, 2013

He Is Not A Mutt

Through the years our dogs were castaways in the truest sense........mutts, sickly, weird, dogs that no one wanted.......some had really sweet personalities, others were cat-like and independent, some were so needy,
some like ol' Buddy were a little of all.

For the first time in many years we only have one dog, Calliou a magnificent, prissy collie......he is not a mutt.
He actually chose us.  Calliou (originally Wallie) lived about a mile away with a neighbor, but he would not go home . It was the year the year the tornadoes hit, maybe he just felt safer with us, I don't know.  But it was months before we even knew he belonged to our neighbor, he just chose us.    He stayed with us for months, we took him to the vet, he made peace with Blackie Bear, Astro, Buddy and Taylor and he became ours.

The other dogs were old and sickly and one by one this past year, they all passed over the rainbow.  These days, our house is so empty, so quiet.  Even though Calliou is big, he is not a barker......more a high pitched
woof, woof.  The other dogs made their presence known, he prefers to gingerly tip-paw through the house.
He is starting to understand that there is no pecking order now........he is king. I think in his own way he misses the other dogs, especially Buddy........Buddy always let him know this was his home, he was here first and if there had to be a choice about who stayed or left.......Buddy would win.

Calliou has not chosen Rick nor  I for his master......he seems to want us both......His favorite place to sleep is in the guest room, and he loves to herd people. Tonight, he is lying in the floor beside me as I write this blog, just the way Blackie Bear use to do.  We are leaning each other, likes and dislikes.......he doesn't like to be brushed, I don't like to be herded.  It will be a while, when and if we take in another dog.....for now, living with a prissy dog is all we need, all we want.  He is not a mutt, but he is awful lovable.


  1. I'm sorry for your losses this past year, but glad that you have Calliou with you still; mutt or not, they are all angels.

    We have our rescues: Abby, the dainty pitbull, and Buddha, the bossy Boston. Then there is Lily, the goldendoodle of wonder...like Calliou, she chose us.

  2. My brother had a dog choose his family. They loved that funny pup for many years. They had to put him to sleep this year. Callous has chosen wisely..enjoy your time with him.

  3. Dogs are fascinating, reading your post I realised how much I miss Naila!

  4. Dogs will be dogs, they understand, they know what love is! Ol'Buddy knew this!! Calliou does too.