Friday, May 24, 2013


"Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered."
- Dr. Seuss

So, what would you be remembered for today?  It may seem strange, but I often think about how I might be remembered.  It is important to me, how I will be is important to me that I be remembered.

I hope that I am remembered with love, that people remember my kindness, they remember my songs and my voice, they remember my teaching.  I think this need for remembrance comes with has to count for something, what are we doing here if it doesn't?  I  want friends, family and acquaintances to remember me, just as I remember so many of them.....with fondness, with joy, with love.

I want people to remember the food and good times at our house, to remember those Christmas cards I painted year after year, to remember that I loved with all my heart. I know the memories won't last forever,
but just for awhile, may they burn bright and strong.

Would you be proud of how you would be remembered today? or could you do better? I think it is important to live each day as though this would be the one you would be remembered could be you know.


  1. I for one will always remember you!

    1. thank you Claudia, not only will I remember you and your lovely photos, I hope we meet someday