Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Day, One Breath

I had several students say goodbye this never gets any easier.  They are so amazing, brilliant, talented.......when they leave, I just pray that their lives get better.....that they have peace and joy.....that they find the path they so desperately seek.

There were tears today of sadness and is so scary to go back out into the rehab you have a safety net, a large support group......the world hasn't changed, all the stuff that was there before is still there, you have to walk a new walk, talk a different talk and sometimes make tough decisions about your life and those you want in it.

Yoga is a great tool for recovery of any type.........whether you are recovering from grief, illness, can help.  Learning to be still, learning to breathe, learning to go within........even the movements take you to a different place.  Living in the now, the present is a biggie........most of us try to hang on to the past, while worrying ourselves crazy about the future, never thinking for one second about the now.  We replay those ancient memories and dally with what ifs until we destroy the present.....and then we wonder what in the hell happened to our life?

I closed my classes today with something that I say often.......12 steps teach one day at a time, yoga teaches one breath at a time.......some days, all you can do is  make it through one breath at a time.



  1. Jilda-It is Tricia...I left May 9th and am just now unpacking my stuff from rehab. I found this site and have been trying desperately to find the quiet and sweet spot....that you helped me find over three months. I miss you immensely and have listened to your cds, missing your voice and your peace. You were the most uplifting part of my time at rehab and I thank you so much. I will always cherish our yoga time! I love you and hope all is well for you!!