Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day Planner

I have a day planner, have had one for years........I even attended the Franklin Covey class, What Matters Most for time management.  We bought Samantha, our niece her own day planner before she could drive.
To this day, she still uses hers also.  My day planner has dates booked through July......getting ready to start August.  It truly is my time management tool.

This morning was like most at our first, a quick E-mail check and then I start working my planner.  Everything was neatly planned, in order of importance, including "the big rocks." ( Google a Franklin Covey video about the "big rocks.")  I noticed as I drank my second cup of coffee that the house seemed a little biggie, humidity was building, so was the heat.

I dressed and we walked Calliou and Samantha's dog, Lady.  After the walk, as I entered the house, I noticed how stuffy and warmer it had become......not good.  Rick was in the garden, I yelled that there was something wrong with the AC......there was.  Thus began the day.  Suddenly the planner and its nice long list fell by the wayside.  Parts had to be found, groceries were needed, we thought it was a fuse, then a compressor.......the day had taken control......damn the planner.

That's how it goes sometimes,  even the best laid plans fall by the wayside......that is life. But, the important thing.....get back on track tomorrow.  See what you can selvage from today, work it in tomorrow or the next day......hope for the best.  Try to laugh, if you cry, don't whine.  I have already transferred today's list to tomorrow.....we'll see how it goes.

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