Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ol' Buddy

Ol' Buddy Watson
June, 2001 - May 7, 2013

He was my mom's dog.......after she became ill, he came to live with us.
He weighed 25 pounds, he thought he was the same size as Blackie Bear and Astro......they weighed 90 pounds each.

Today he joined Astro and Blackie Bear somewhere over the rainbow.....I bet my mom was there to meet him too.
He was loved, and he will be missed.


  1. Very sad to read this, Jilda .thats a lovely thought to hang on to, that your mum was waiting to meet Buddy over that rainbow. Hugs.

  2. Darn it...hopefully he's at peace with his friends. You and Rick made his years with you good and fun and filled with love...a good life. So sorry guys.

  3. It hurts a lot. More than we'd ever think possible. And we wouldn't really want it to hurt less, because they are so very worth it.

    Thinking of you both,

  4. So very sorry, Jilda. I'm sure your mom was waiting for him.

  5. What a kind and gentle way for Ol'Buddy to say goodbye. Sad, brings tears and that is the way it should be. When we said goodbye to our little Dee it was very tough, beloved pets are family. So many good memories too.

  6. I'm so sorry to read this. I'm sure your mother and his pals were waiting for him at that rainbow bridge.

  7. I am truly sorry. :-( Sending you and Rick lots of gentle hugs. Take care