Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Break

My anxiety levels are up today, tomorrow is treatment #16.  You'd think after 16 months I would be a professional about this, but there is still that little angst that creeps into your psyche the day before.
I have met chair buddies who have been getting IV treatments for as many as 16 years.  Sitting in those big green chairs gives true meaning to "life sustaining."

I am also taking a few days off from teaching next week......it is a time for a break.....physical and mental.
My students were not happy about my news today, but it's only four days.  I suppose I have spoiled them just a wee bit.

We humans are interesting, are we not?  Our work ethic and drive vary so much.........some of us can't stop, while others can barely start or go.  I think that I rest, but to hear my husband tell his story I never do.
I blame it on my mom......I know, she's dead, she can't defend herself.  Her philosophy in life, "if you slow down or stop, you'll die."   She ingrained that in all seven of us kids.......we laugh about it at family get-to-gethers, but it is a sad kinda of laugh.

I know that breaks/vacations are important.....for physical and mental health.  I have found even with guitar playing and vocals, breaks are important.....it seems my voice is so much stronger, my guitar playing better if I take a break from practice every once in awhile.  My classes will be better, my students will benefit from my break next week.....I will go back a better, stronger teacher.

Have you all taken a break or vacation lately?  Isn't it time?


  1. You're right..it's good to get away and get a different perspective on the regular routine..plus it's always good to get home and appreciate what was left behind! My Mom always says that if you stop "it" will get you! I'm not sure about what "it" is, but she never stops..even when she breaks something like she did last week..both wrists. She's home and back at life...that's how I want to be!

  2. Oh enjoy the break...you do so much for others you do need time to recharge those batteries. I hope you know how much you are admired and loved...

  3. Relax and enjoy your break, Jilda. You deserve it.

  4. Hi Jilda,

    A wise move. We need time to get the positive energy levels back up. Indeed, my friend, some positive distractions, a change of scene can work wonders. Our comfort zone can be an uncomfortable comfort zone.

    Enjoy a well earned break. Rejuvenated and raring to go.

    In peace and goodwill,