Sunday, May 12, 2013


It is Mother's Day.......I hope that you all have had a good day.  I never had children but I have several nieces and nephews that always remember me on this day.  I got calls, hugs, cards , candy and a rockin' pair of hot pink shoes.

I miss my mom on my Mother's Day, for the most obvious reasons, but also because I loved shopping for gifts for her.  She was so much fun to shop for, and to shop with.  She was a fashionista before that was even a word.  She taught me to sew, to shop thrift stores and she passed on her love of shoes to me.  Her philosophy, fit, feel, and wear it forever.  She taught me well.
I was so intimidated by her beauty.  She was everything I wasn't......olive skin, deep earthy eyes and rich dark hair.
This photo is of she and her sister Betty.  Betty is on the left, my mom, Ruby on the right......they were two righteous babes.  Rick and I went down a few days ago and visited Aunt Betty.  She can tell some great stories.

If your mom is still alive, I hope you got to spend some time with her today or maybe give her a call.  It you are like me, and all you have are memories........then cherish those.  I guess momma got a Mother's Day gift this year after all, Buddy went to be with her.
Happy Mother's Day.


  1. What a beautiful picture of your mom. Lovely post, Jilda. A beautiful tribute to your mother. Thanks.

  2. She was beautiful! (so are you!) I did call my Mom and I'm going to see her on Friday which is her birthday..she'll be 87. I know I'm lucky to still have her with us. I keep thinking that God took my Dad early but has blessed us with letting Mom hang around. I hope your day was nice and it sounds like you were given many nice gifts..especially the love of your family!