Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Funk Days

We all have "funk" days.......sometimes they last for weeks, sadly for some months or maybe years.  I have had a few of them this week......the treatment last week triggered a headache that will not go away, and then of course Buddy's death.

So, how do you get through the funk?   First you have to figure out what is going on......for me, headache induced by treatment and then grief because of pet's death.....and a husband getting wacky over taxes.   I will work through the grief, that takes some time.  Grief cannot be rushed, losing someone or a beloved pet is loss......loss of love.....I know that Buddy was very sick, I also know that now he no longer suffers.  The headache.......aspirin helps for a while, trying to drink extra water.......probably should call doc.  Husband wacky over taxes.....
time will take care of that, ( and maybe a whack on the side of his head.)  :)

One thing I have found about is like pity, you can wallow in it and it will devour you......or you can begin to seriously look at the cause and take steps to clear things out.  You have to be brutally honest about the funk, what caused it and what it will take to clear it out.
Funk can be alcohol or drug induced, it can be brought on by boredom, by having no purpose,
or sense of direction.......funk can be caused by many things.

I find a walk out doors, some fresh air helps.  Sometimes just a chat with friends, a good cry,
a good laugh and often a long hard look at your life........often it is time for a change.  Change
can sometimes scare the wits out of you, that will get you out of a funk rather quickly.
If it is a funk that is caused by boredom or a dead-end job or a life that seems to have no sparkle......get up and do something!  Go to class, learn a new skill, plant something,  do something have to get the blood flowing and the heart beating.

One other thing, when in a if you have to fake it.  Pretty soon the fake  will become real, you 'll look better, and the funk will start to fade. Smiles make others around you smile, they make people around you wonder why you're smiling......and the next time the funk comes to've got some ammunition.  My funk is better all ready.


  1. As badly as I feel about your losing another special friend, this thoughtful post has made me smile and I hope you'll smile when you read this and we can keep passing it on. Hugs and :o)s!

  2. I'm sorry this is a sad time for you. I hope you can get rid of that headache soon and memories of Buddy will keep him in your heart, but the best thing you can do now is go whack Rick on his head. Maybe it will make you laugh as much as I did when I read that in your post. Hang in there kiddo!

  3. I've pasted on the smile. I am also sending your a virtual hug. You help me through many trials.