Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tribute to the Green Chair

My ode to the comfy green chair where the drips flow through my body..........

I dream about you.  There is a strange comfort in the coolness of you against my skin.  You have a commanding presence, you give me hope, but you also deepen my fears.

You are not faithful, actually you are quite the whore, because so many have been held in your arms.  There is as much love and life in you as there is death and sadness.  You are god like.....confessions and vows have been made  before you.  You hold all the power, yet you have none.

With you, those of us who are so different obtain a common ground.  We come from all walks, yet you make us equals.

I dread my time with you, yet I adore you.  With you there is no past, or future.......you demand the now.

You have granted me the ability to see my strengths and my frailties.  You have increased my kindness and patience for so much, yet I have no tolerance for that which holds no interest for me......or that which I find

You have increased my desire to live fully, to spend time only with those I care about, to sing until my breath is gone, to experience as much of this world's beauty as I possibly can, to write and create, to taste, to feel, to see, to love and be loved.

Before I met you, I said these words often, "time has wings". Now I know the truth........the wings beat faster every day.


  1. Awww Jilda. May this green chair sustain you and continue to help you get better. Take care

  2. You should frame that and have them hang in the "green chair room" for others to read and find strength in.