Friday, June 29, 2012

Immeasurable Thanks

I have always known the value of parents taught me that at an early age.  Yes, we had family get togethers, but my parents spent time with their friends too.  When my brother Ricky and I were in high school, and our folks took us to the beach, we took our friends with us too.  Our parents vacationed with friends, family was important, but at our house, friends were too.

 Through the years, friends have been there for me, through the good and the bad.  They have laughed with me and cried with me.  Since my treatments started in February, friends have rallied round.....they will never know what their calls, texts,cards and emails have meant to me.  I know that when someone says what do you need, what can we do, they mean it.  I know that when someone calls or texts and asks how am I doing, they don't want a BS answer, they want the truth.......I struggle with an answer other than ok, but I realize that my friends really do want to know if I am having a bad or a good day.

The tears come pretty freely these days, not sure if it's the chemicals or just knowing how much I am loved, or maybe a little of both.  What I do know is this.......I have always appreciated and loved my friends, but the past six months.......well, I know that my friends love and appreciate me.  You expect your family to be there, to love you and care.....and there is a part of you that I suppose expects something from friends......but  
my friends have gone way past something.......that something makes the pity parties shorter, the tears dry quicker, and the smiles more often.......the I love yous, and hugs......well, they are immeasurable.

And with all the kudos to friends, I can't shortchange my family........their calls, visits, notes, meals.......if I ever had any doubt of ever being loved......between family and friends......that doubt is gone forever.
There will never be enough thank yous,  and I will never be able to express the gratitude......
I am a lucky woman.

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  1. You truly are blessed but don't forget you get what you give!! Hugs!