Sunday, June 3, 2012


"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live.  It is asking others to live as one wishes to live." -Oscar Wilde

Wow, these are such powerful words.......I constantly hear people talk about how others should live, what they should do, how they should believe, what they should think.........selfishness abounds in our society right now.
I admit it is a struggle, because I too find myself thinking sometimes.......well, you should do this......
Letting go, letting be, encouraging others to live their own may think it is a loss of power, but it is really freeing, and extremely empowering.  

When we live as we wish to live, work toward our dreams, believe our beliefs and allow those around us to do the same,  there is a balance.  When you really think about it, asking someone to live the way you wish them to, it is a most selfish act.  After all,  we are individuals, there is such a thing as free will,
and there is choice.

Most of us, act out of love......our thinking, we want to protect, to make sure that those around are safe,
and cared for.  But, we have to walk our own path, make our own our lives as we wish.
Somehow, until I read this quote, I had not thought of that act as selfish, asking others to live as one wishes to live........demanding maybe......but the more I thought about this quote, it became so clear,
what a selfish act it was.

I have to admit.......I never thought  myself selfish, but in this context.........I  have had some pretty selfish moments.  Some days the transformation information hits too close to home.


  1. Oh boy....guilty as charged.

  2. I suppose there is wishing and there is imposing. I don't mind others wishing I lived the way they want - I don't even mind healthy and constructive debate but the line is crossed once power is used over the other. Gosh - it's Monday and I'm getting all deep!! Take care

  3. Great post. We all have to follow our own path and learn as we go. Tolerance is so important.

  4. I found when raising my kiddos that I wanted to control, as much as possible, their agency. Teaching correct principles and all that..but at the same time applauding their good choices that were their ideas, not mine. But when the choices weren't so good I really learned the lesson of letting go and hoping they would find their own way knowing Mom and Dad still loved them no matter what.