Friday, June 15, 2012


It has been a week of transitions at work.....students, coming and going.   Both directions are difficult.
Coming into rehab is a difficult task at best, new people, strange surroundings, structure, rules, and learning to open up, to share your feelings.  As a yoga teacher, the coming can be stressful as well......many would never ever do yoga, but it is part of their treatment there is resentment, fear, and denial when they walk through my door.

The scary, exciting, dreaded by those leaving......for me, sadness and joy.......hoping that the breathing, meditation and yoga skills I have taught will be tools for recovery.......sadness......the goodbyes.
Most  who leave will never know or believe how much I think about them.  How often I wonder if they are ok, if their lives are good, if they have developed and maintained a yoga practice.  I remember very few names, (there have been so many I have taught) but often at night, I lie in bed and I see their faces......and pray that their lives are fulfilling and peaceful, that they are safe and healthy.

We are always in some state of transition aren't we?  It might be the job, relationships, but there is always transition and that is much better than stagnation.  None of us could tolerate a life of stagnation, no matter how much we think we might want it.  For me, as many of you know.....I am in a transition of health, hoping for the best......waiting to see where the path takes me next.

I wish for you all a weekend of transitions......of change if you will......for the relationships, work
in life.


  1. Spooky. I spoke to a Chief Inspector at work last night at midnight were he basically told me that I was going to be used a a despatcher instead of on the front desk. Totally different job but arguing with a Chief Inspector is hard work.

  2. I applaud you for the good you do, probably never knowing how much you change or help those lives you touch. I think change is hard for most of us. I'm not super fond of it, but usually the end result is worth it. I hope your health does improve and I'm sure that will be one change you'd welcome. Have a good weekend Jilda.