Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lesson Learned

"We must raise ourselves to the levels of energy where we  are the light we seek, where we are the happiness we desire,where we are the love we feel is missing, where we are the unlimited abundance we crave."
- Wayne Dyer

I constantly teach my students that the answers we seek, are within us.....sometimes I forget that.
This quote was just for me tonight.  I needed a gentle reminder to practice what I teach, I found it as I read
The Power of Intention, by Dr. Dyer.

When life is difficult, when it seems that the darkness is closing in, it is not easy to be our own light, but sometimes we must.  On the days when happiness seems to be so elusive, and our lives fallow, and love seems to have turned its back, it does not seem possible to find it all within........but it is there, patiently waiting.

It is so much easier to teach a lesson, than to learn it......but tonight, the teacher learned.
Good night, Sweet dreams

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