Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First Day of Summer

First day of summer, and already the skeeters, ticks, lightening bugs are in full force.  First day of summer,
hot and humid, as it should be in Alabama.  On these transition days, solstice days if you will.......I imagine what it would be like without clocks or calendars.  Would your body know instinctively that today was the first day of summer, that it would be the longest day of the year?  Or would you be sitting patiently, wondering when the sun would set?

First day of summer, when you're a kid in school, it's what you wait for all year.  The chance to spend all day out doors, grasping that very last minute of daylight like a precious jewel.  First day of summer, flowers are blooming, the garden is beginning its bounty, and the trees are lush, dazzling shades of green.  I sit here in front of the window,with the lace curtain and I can here the birds sing.

First day of summer, and the year is half can that be?  What happened to all those other months?  In the blink of an eye, leaves will turn, and the days will chill.....and before we know it......the shortest day of the year.

First day of summer, thanks for the bounty.......fresh blueberries, and strawberries, and squash and tomatoes, peppers and potatoes, cucumbers and eggplant,  big juicy melons.

First day of summer.........enjoy it, in a few hours.......its gone.


  1. Oh we had a brief dry sunny warm spell yesterday and today it's back to dull, wet and grey! LOL!! Happy Solstice! Take care

  2. It's more like the middle of Autumn here, it's wet and horrible. My holiday in Devon next week is looking decidedly soggy.