Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dixie and Rebel( our neighbor's bulldogs)  have brought their "sister" over to enjoy their morning treat of dog biscuits with the Watsons.  Their "sister" is Tinkerbell and she  is some sort of tiny three pound fur ball.....she appears to be a mini Yorkshire and loves her "big" brother and sister.

I buy the BIG dog biscuits because  four of our five canines weigh in around 90 pounds each.  So each morning as Rick and I sit in our living room , sipping coffee, watching the birds, ALL the dogs get a biscuit.
Tink decided to join the party yesterday, the biscuit is almost as long as she is, but she grabbed it and headed for home, as if she had made the score of a lifetime.  This morning she was back for more.

It is delightful, to have our "neighbors" visit us each our great-nephew Jordan's wiry wild
airedale mix, Lady has joined in also.......Rick says he has to go back to work to pay for dog biscuits.
Lady comes right up to the door, after all this is her second home, Dixie and Rebel sit under the persimmon tree and wait patiently, and Tinkerbell waits under a huckleberry bush.  Each of them politely walks up, takes a  treat and finds a shady spot, except Tink.......once that treat is in her mouth, she runs down the hill, crosses the road and rests on her front porch.  She is really fast!

I am trying to get a video or photo of all of them, but they are rather camera shy.......and Tink is just too fast.
Years ago, when Jordan's mom, Samantha was his age, we made home made biscuits for the dogs, I think that will be a great project for Jordan this week!  Pics to come as soon as possible!


  1. Just the idea of all those dogs getting a treat made me smile. How cute is that? A video would be fun to see!

  2. Awwwwww your woofie friends and family sound just wonderful!! Hope you and the delightful Jordan enjoy making biscuits!! Take care