Saturday, June 2, 2012

It Is Not Fair

We said goodbye to an old friend today.  John and I had gone to high school together, he was smart, funny and
kind.  It was one of those wonderful friendships that lasted through time......a few years would go by and then we would see each other or he would call and all was good.

He was a writer, and I wish like hell he had written a book.  He was a wonderful photographer and a good man.  His wit and humor were way beyond ordinary, and he treasured his friends and family.
Cancer took him way  too soon, before most of us even had a chance to say goodbye.  His dad had asked Rick and I to sing Amazing Grace at the memorial service's hard to sing when the tears want to flow......but, John loved our music......and for him today, we sang our hearts out.

It is not fair, the loss of those who give so much to life and those around them. It is not fair, that the world is robbed of talent, of kindness and brains.  It is not fair to lose a friend.
RIP John


  1. What a wonderful tribute! I'm so sorry that I didn't know about the service or I would have attended. I hadn't seen John in about a year and didn't know he had been ill.