Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Often in yoga I talk about letting go of expectations......I know it is a difficult thing to do.  I have a treatment tomorrow, lots of blood tests, and hopefully will know about the culture that was done a few weeks ago.
The tests should show if the treatments are working, and if the culture shows what the docs think it will.....well,  there is another bump in the road.

I truly try to live every day, and not think about all that is going on with my body.  But, today the temperature
rose, the air quality is not so good,  and the breath is short.  I really do understand how hard it is to let go of expectations, because mine have hung over my head like storm clouds the past week.

Letting go of expectations.......it is so easy to expect isn't it?   No expectations is a glorious place to be, and honestly, I am there most of the time.  But this week, I have worn blinders and tried my best to disregard those expectations taunting me.

Expectations can cover any and everything.......you help someone, where's the thank you?, you love someone, where's the love?, life throws a few curves, a few bumps in the road, where's the sympathy?.  We are use to actions and reactions......letting go of expectations throws that theory out the door.
Holding on to expectations can destroy our hope, our faith, our belief that all is well, our trust in goodness.
So tonight, this blog serves as my reminder......let go of expectations.


  1. You always give me something to think about.

  2. Jilda - just came over from Rick's blog - am sending you tons of positive energy and hope!! Take care