Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beach Thoughts

I had been thinking of the beach all week.......I kept thinking that maybe I needed a break or that my lungs were craving the salty air.  Today, I realized why all those memories of the beach had haunted me this week.
It's Father's Day.......and my dad loved the beach.

He loved to just walk in the sand, getting his feet wet.....or sitting in front of the little cinder block cottage where we always stayed.  He said the salt air, and the sunshine was all he needed.  He would look at the waves, listen to the gulls, and smile.  He always seemed so full of peace there, so happy.  He would have lived there, if my mom would have moved.

He loved sharing the ocean/beach experience..... he would take our friends, and then later all the grandkids.
It would have been nice to have spent the weekend at the beach, in remembrance of my dad.
But, he also loved this little farm that we live on, and I believe that he would have felt the fresh air and sunshine here was pretty good today.

Happy Father's Day Sharky!

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  1. Fresh air is great - sea air even better!! Hope you are feeling ok, lovely Jilda! Happy Father's Day! Take care