Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be Happy

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."  - Anne Frank

I stopped watching the news on tv some time ago, I believe it robs you of the ability to see the beauty that is left around you.  I still read the newspaper, but for some reason watching or hearing the news always left me
in a funk.  Same goes for being around those whose glass is always half empty, they exhaust me.
Maybe it is the time in the green chair, or the chemicals that are in the drip......but my tolerance for gloom and doom and naysayers has gone with the wind.

Spending a good chunk of my  time at doctors' offices has made me desperate for the beauty, I crave it.
I crave laughter, and hugs and good times.  I find myself seeing beauty in the most mundane, the ordinary.
Actually, I can't get enough of the beauty that is all around.  You know, when I search for the beauty around me, I feel better.  A week or so ago, there were some tragic things that happened in our neighborhood, and I began to let myself see only the  ugly and tragic.......after a day or so, I realized that the infection seemed to
be flaring up, my energy dropped.  It was one of those days when I knew I had to practice what I taught.
When I stopped looking at the ugly, and reminded myself of the beauty that was still around.......I felt better.

We walked early this morning,  on the trail where the kids picked blackberries yesterday......there were still big fat juicy berries waiting to be picked.  Our normal walk took twice as long because Rick and I were stopping and eating berries.  As we were walking through the field the dogs went crazy, a rabbit dashed across the field and before either of us could say anything, another rabbit ran in the opposite direction.
All we could do was laugh at our confused dogs.  Surrounded by was a great walk.

I hope that your Friday brings you the opportunity to look at the beauty around you, and that when  given the choice, you choose happy.


  1. Have a lovely peaceful Friday too, Jilda! Glad you enjoyed your walk, take care

  2. Yes, we had to do the same at home. Watching the news on TV was too much to bear for our souls. Life is too short to spend too much time on what we cannot change. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I struggle with this whole idea myself ... not in me personally but in the people around me ... who I cannot just drop from my life. So I get to exercise the "look at the beautiful - find the positive" muscle all the time.

    I stopped looking at the TV news as well - I even stopped listening to the weather. Let nature surprise me (well not all the time but mostly.) We are very close to just dropped TV completely.

    Life is just better that way!