Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Medicine

Good medicine, the best in the world........well at least I think it's the best........time with the people you love.
Our friends Tom and Judy invited us to their little piece of paradise this evening for dinner. They live on the Warrior River, along with their dogs, cats, llamas and donkeys.......our friends Brenda, Danny and Deborah joined us.  What is it about good food, and good friends?  All of our friends are such incredible cooks, it just seems silly to meet a restaurant.

We sat around their big round table, watched the sun set on the river, laughed, talked, ate.....did I say laugh?
Every once in awhile, I would just look at all of them, and think to myself........this is heaven.......surrounded by friends who love you, sharing an incredible meal, a glass of wine.......this is wealth beyond measure.
The abundance that filled that house, could never be measured in dollars.......I felt wrapped and protected by all that love and joy.  As I looked at their faces, heard their voices, tasted the food........I thought about
so many people that I meet every day are so empty, so sad.  Would they believe me if I told them that a night like tonight creates wealth that is unimaginable, brings joy that is irreplaceable?

Rick asked how I felt as we were driving home, I told him I felt good......that this time, this evening was good medicine, it was just what I needed, what I craved.  I hated leaving my friends tonight, looking up at the moon wrapped in a haze, the heat of the night made the air heavy.  The drive home, well, all we could do was talk about how good it was to see our friends......all I could think about was how good I felt.
Good medicine indeed.......doctors should prescribe a night like this.

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