Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Five Kids

It has been a zoo, a circus, a monkey house, and a trip to OZ at our house this evening.  Jordan and my other great nephew, Stone, plus Stone's sisters, Daisy, Breeze and Joy have been here.......that's right, five children under the age of nine.  They all came to pick blackberries, to run through the fields, gather flowers and eat hot dogs!  I can't believe how much  food five little kids can eat!

A testament to how much fun they had.......none of them wanted to go home, there were a few tears shed.
But with promises that they could all come back and spend the day next week(what was I thinking!!!) we finally got them home.  Blackie Bear is lying here by my desk, I can almost him say.......send me to the vet's when they come back.  Their energy is amazing, their love for each other is amazing.....the house was full of laughter, and now.......I think I can drag myself to bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. That sounds like an awesome house, and I am sure that I wouldn't want to leave either.

    You gotta admit that you can't wait til they come back, amiright?

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  3. Yay for such a fun time at great auntie and uncle's place!! Take care