Friday, June 8, 2012

Non-Violence Toward Ourselves

I taught a class today on non-violence........and not the obvious.  I actually taught non-violence toward ourselves.

It is easy for most of us, to think of being non-violent toward others......humans and creatures.
We don't think about the violence we do to ourselves.  How many times have you called yourself dumb or stupid?  How many times have you belittled yourself?  Have you ever looked in the mirror with disgust?
Have you "harmed" yourself with too much or too little food?  Have you "harmed" yourself with drugs,
alcohol or demeaning behaviors?  Have you "harmed" yourself with destructive relationships?
Have you pushed yourself when you shouldn't?  Disregarded warning signs concerning health, relationships or lifestyle?

We usually never think about the violence that we commit to ourselves, how it erodes our well-being, and the very essence of one's self.  Even in yoga class, it is so easy to commit violence towards self......pushing our bodies to a pose that we are not ready for, getting angry or disgusted because our pose was not as good as our
mat neighbor's.  We often talk about kindness toward our fellow man,  but the seeds of kindness, the seeds of non-violence began with us and our personal perceptions. 


  1. that was very insightful and something for me to think about seriously.

  2. Hello! perhaps this wisdom comes with age, we should not aim high, and certainly not detract from its merits