Monday, January 2, 2012

Yoga and Wishes

A whole week without teaching yoga.......I can't remember the last time that happened.  But, I chose to practice what I teach and last week I truly needed the break.  I missed my students.  It was good to teach again today, three classes........good to be back.  I am a little tired, I will be so glad to start my treatments
so that I feel better soon.

It is so cold here in Alabama today, so classes were flowing......I don't think anyone complained about overheating!  Actually the night class I teach at the community center, mercy, we about was 56 degrees when we got there tonight, it might have warmed up to 70 by the time we left.    This is the coldest day of the year so far, 40 degrees for a high, in the 20's tonight.......flannel sheets will feel nice tonight.

The dogs are all asleep, settled in on this cold winter's the way, did you all know about the meteor shower that takes place Wednesday morning, 3:00 am EST, it is supposed to be a wonderful one!  I can't wait, we have set reminders on our phones to set the clocks so we don't miss it.......I think this is truly the year to wish on stars.  The name of the shower event, The Quadrantids, could be as many as 100 per hour.

I'll share a secret with you all, ever since I was maybe ten or twelve, I have made a wish on the first star
I see each night......I still the evenings as I leave work, when I see that first star.....I make my wish.  Aren't wishes wonderful?  I never pass up a chance to make a wish,  I am the eternal optimist, always hoping and wishing for the best.  So when all those stars shoot across the heavens Wednesday morning, I will be making many as I can, as fast as I can.  I am not selfish with my wishes, I'll make them for you all too.

Yoga and wishes,  you never know where this blog will take you........but I think in some cosmic way
the two go joins the body and the mind......wishes take care of the spirit.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Do you think we'll see them here in Canada? I wonder what the time differnce is.

  2. I've only ever seen one shooting star in my life. I'd love to see another :-)

  3. Hope you write about the 3 am meteor shower on Thursday.

  4. I love that you are not selfish with your wishes! I will be looking out for this event now - thanks :)

  5. I hope we don't have clouds to block the view...if I can get myself up to see them and still be awake for a full day at the hospital..we'll see, I could use a few good wishes myself!