Saturday, January 21, 2012

Second Chances

Second chances.....teaching at rehab center, I hear that phrase alot.  But second chances don't always happen the way you want them too.  Many think when they come into the center for treatment that that is their second chance ( or for some third, fourth, etc.) or maybe their last chance.
Some lose their families, their health, and sometimes their careers.  Sobriety can be sobering in more ways than one.  For the ones whose lives fall apart, who lose what they value most.....I often ask,
"what are you going to do when you grow up?"  what are you going to do now that life has seen fit to let you start all over again?

It is not just those in rehab that face starting over,  a second chance......starting over can come through illness, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of job, marriage, birth of a child.  All of those major events are second chances.  If you messed up a relationship the first time,  the second time gives you the opportunity to make a better choice, work harder at the relationship, and understand the art of compromise.

Chronic illness can help you to understand just how precious health is, how precarious life can be.... so you make better use of your time and energy.  Loss of a job or career gives the benefit of truly thinking about how you want to earn your living, that maybe it is time to simplify, or even relocate to that place you always wanted to live.

Not everyone gets a second chance, though most do and many ignore the gift.  If you notice I have changed my quote by my is a line from a song that I co- wrote.  "life is made of many choices, every choice demands a price.....deep inside you know the answer, your heart don't give bad advice."  Sometimes, even with a second chance, we are just not willing to pay the price.
Second chances, take courage, can be life's greatest challenge......but can be worth whatever the cost.


  1. I love your last sentence. It is so true and says so much. It's sad that many people can't grasp that second chance or fail to keep hold of it. My family has discovered all too well the challenges that present when a family member's life falls apart. As a door opens for him this week, we are hoping he realizes he is being given the gift of a new start and that he doesn't waste it.

  2. It's not always easy to recognise when you're being given a new chance, but when you do you need to grab it with both hands.

  3. Second chances take courage indeed. Who is keep score in life anyway, it may be fourth chance or tenth chance but starting over takes courage and determination. We all make mistakes but we do not fail. We move on to the next phase in our life. Nice post. And I like the change on the sidebar.

  4. We have someone close to our family who has been given a second chance. It is an extremely important second chance and that is not lost on this individual. It is very heartwarming. I think we all get them in varying stages. I only hope I make the most of most of them!