Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bumps and First Days

It's  just a bump in the may be a tiny bump or a mountain,  but I have found myself saying that pretty often these days.  I am trying to live each day like it is my first, not my last.  I am trying to look at the things that matter most to me, how I truly want to spend my time, my life.
All my life, I have spent a great deal of my energy doing things for others and honestly quite often not things that I really enjoyed.  I never knew how to say no. But that call, sending me to see a hematologist/oncologist was a major slap across the face.  For days, before that appointment all I could think about was the time that I had given so freely to others through the years, while I put my wants and desires on the back burner.  The words, "treatable, not cancer" was my "another chance".

Now, when things come up, when people are asking for my time, when there is conflict, I try to think about what kind of bump in the road is this?  Is it one that is tiny, that it is truly no big deal one way or the other, or is it a mountain, will it be a major bump, that I will give in to, only later to be filled with caustic resentment?  Reading "Murphy's Law Repealed"is encouraging,  the author keeps reminding the reader, to stay peaceful, to send love, that" everything will turn out right, when you let it."

Jordan spent the day with me, and it has been wonderful.  He splashed through mud puddles,  taught me all about his Leap/Pad,  and gave me dozens of hugs.  He teaches you the important stuff......and today has been a learning day for me. He called me last night to let me know how excited he was about spending the day with us......and he didn't want to go home this evening.
We had way too much fun today.  There were no bumps in the road with Jordan!

"Murphy's Law Repealed" uses the phrase "live like it is your first day, not your last" often.  Charlie says that if you live like it is your last day, then life is frantic and chaotic.  But if you live like it is your first, you'll live like Jordan.....eyes wide open, filled with wonder and simple joy, amazed at all that is around you.  Whether there are big or tiny bumps in the road, I want to live each day like it is my first.....and maybe a little child-like .....cookies and milk for breakfast are ok,  splashing through mud puddles is a necessity.


  1. Good thinking that Charlie...again! I know you had a lovely time with Jordan. Puddle splashing is sublime. Glad you got your priorities set with you at the top!

  2. Yes. First days. Thank you for this post.

  3. It would be nice to live each day as if it were your first. Some times we can give too much and try to give when we aren't feeling up to it. I think you are wise to only do what you won't resent and also take lots of time for you.

  4. Lovely post and wise words. I was an oncology nurse and I've heard similar thoughts from the patients I treated. Too bad it takes such an event to shock us into realizing what is important in life.

  5. Jordan is truly adorable! What a wise and wonderful child!! Such a joy!! Take care

  6. Wise words yet again from you, Jilda.

  7. To see life through the eyes of a child is to see it through the eyes of wonder.

  8. Cookies and milk for breakfast sound great.
    You had a wake up call and living life as if it were the first day is great advice.