Saturday, January 7, 2012


There is something about roads that I find fascinating.  I love massive interchanges connecting major roads or interstates,  I love country roads that meander forever.  In Ireland I loved the tiny winding roads that were more like paved paths with the hedges growing along the edges.  I love city streets, that disappear into hidden neighborhoods, even those streets that are dangerous and dirty hold a fascination
for me.  I love Highway 1, that winds down the Northern California coast to LA, how it twists through the hills and  water's you can smell dill and the the drop-offs take your breath away.

Tonight on the way home, there were clouds full of lightening to the north, but eastward, the almost full moon was brilliantly beaming down, her rays like beacons guiding us home.   As we drove  the curvy hilly road through Sipsey, there were times that the pavement shimmered in the moonlight like polished hematite.......almost as if the road and the moonlight became as one, rising up to meet each other like old friends.  The trip home ended way too soon.

I walk the dirt road to our barn every is lined in trees.  You can look down through the hollow, hear woodpeckers and wild turkey, in the evenings, an owl.  The road though so familiar, can seem so distant sometimes, seemingly leading  to someplace other than the barn or home.  The dogs love to walk down that old dirt road, and Jordan loves to run it.  There are dogwoods that fill the hollow with clouds of white and pink in the spring, hydrangeas line the edges of the road and deep wispy ferns.
This time of year, the road is covered in fallen leaves and acorns and hickory nuts, the trees bare.  But there is great beauty in the earthen shades.  This is my favorite road, it always takes me home.


  1. The road home is always the most comforting road to travel.
    Happy New Year and Hugs~

  2. Beautifully written, Jilda. Thank you. I always feel a lift of the heart when I walk down a new track or head off on a road trip. More often than not the road is more interesting than the destination.

  3. Your dirt road should be renamed!!
    :-)Take care

  4. Beautifully expressed :) Your drive home sounds magical. I still miss the country home we moved away from eleven years ago. It had a long drive; lined with trees and wild rose bushes on either side... it's remains my favorite road to this day.