Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There was a time when I thought that forgiveness meant, I would have to forget or become involved with those who had hurt me  in my past......I knew that forgiveness is essential.  I knew that without forgiveness that resentment would harden the heart, and that all I once was, would become just a shell.

I began to really study forgiveness, and the yoga practice of opening or softening the heart... releasing blocked emotions, letting go of grief and sadness and anger.   Gratitude was part of that practice of opening the heart and  forgiving.  Service became another way of forgiving, of opening my eyes to the troubles of those around me.  Giving without expectations.......a wonderful way to open the heart and learn
about forgiveness.

Realizing that I had spent a great deal of my life in fear, I began to practice living without fear.....and with that practice, accepting the past and getting on with my life became reality. I know that sometimes the hurt is so bad, it just seems impossible to forgive those who have hurt you........but holding on to that does nothing to change what happened or to change or hurt those who hurt is just a slow breakdown of your life, your joy, your happiness.

Some think that once the person dies who hurt you, then it will all be so  not true.  Without your forgiveness, their death doesn't change how you feel, or the prison that you have built for yourself with the blocks of resentment and anger.  Forgiveness means freedom......freedom to live your life,  to experience love, and contentment, freedom to move forward.  Forgiveness opens your heart to the possibilities of life and all that it holds for you.  Forgive, and  move on......forgive, and let go.


  1. I agree 100% so true I wish I could get my husband to understand this but when I have tried to talk to him about forgiving those who have hurt him he just doesn't get it.........

  2. I think forgiveness means having pity for the person who hurt you. After all, would you want to be them? Also, wanting the best for them, to want them to be a better person. I don't think you have to have contact, some people are toxic and dangerous.

  3. The hardest person to forgive is yourself.

  4. I am with you completely on this topic. The amount of negative energy that is necessary to hold grudges against someone is toxic. It's so much easier to forgive and move on. I agree with what Belle said about having pity for the person. They aren't able to forgive and are living with that turmoil within themselves. So much easier to let it go. Hugs!