Sunday, January 1, 2012


Holey Moley!!!!!  January first, 2012..........enough to boggle the mind.  When I was a teenager I dreamed
of space travel, really cool modernistic clothing, and cars that needed no gasoline by the year 2000.
We have made leaps and bounds in some areas, and I think we have gone backwards in others.
Humans are after all human.......and we live our lives ruled by fear........I wonder, will there ever be a time when we are not afraid?  Madison Avenue, Wall Street and politicians use that fear to shape our lives....
what would life be, if we stopped and no longer allowed them to scare us into thoughtless actions.

January, 2012........for this year, for myself........what do I want?  #1.  Good Health   #2. More Gigs
#3.  Creative Space  #4. Travel  
January 2012......for you all.......what do I want  #1. Good Health   #2. Joy  #3. All That You Need, whatever that is

January 2012......I am excited, this is the year of the Dragon!  and I am a Dragon !

January 2012......I am hopeful.....I am excited.....I am curious.....I am grateful

So, this first day of the first month of the year .........Blackie Bear is snoring loudly, he stayed up to see the New Year come in last night......he thinks as long as there are walks in the woods, plenty of fresh
water, a bowl of his favorite food, and a loving hug is good.......I agree.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. and Sweet Dreams for you too. Just watched/listened to Rick's video. Lovely.

  2. Well I am also a Dragon, a fire one so this means 2012 should be special :)

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  4. Happy New Year! I hope you have nothing but happy times in 2012 ~

  5. A year blows by so fast...let's make the best of every day.

  6. The year of the dragon?!?! Yay!! Awww wow - it's so going to be your year!!! Happy happy new year lovely Jilda!! Take care

  7. Great post... Blackie Bear definitely knows what's important! And you stated the fear issue perfectly. You can't watch the news without being manipulated by it. Personally I want to focus on faith, hope and love...

  8. An amazing post - I'm feeling your hopeful expectation for all that this new year holds. Happy New Year!

  9. Nice to hear you are hopeful and curious about this new year upon us. Whatever comes to you this year, I wish for you much joy.