Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Better Do It Now

 Well, I had almost a whole post written, and just trashed the whole's ok you deserve better.  Even Blackie Bear, grunted in appreciation as I deleted it. Ha,ha!

My best friend called me tonight, she and her boyfriend are going to take a cruise through the Greek Islands for her birthday.  As we talked, we both teared up a little, talking about how our lives had intertwined all these years, all the good and the bad that we had experienced. We talked about her husband's death, the loss of friends and family members and she said something really profound,
she said "you know whatever we want to do, we better do it now, it's not like we have our whole lives in front of us anymore".   I told her that I had had those thoughts all week, that it had hit me so hard the past few weeks......that whatever I enjoy doing, whatever I want to do, where ever
I want to go, whoever I want to spend time.......I best be doing it now.

"It's not like we have our whole lives in front of us anymore"......that's the kicker, throw in a scary little visit to a hematologist/oncologist and boy howdy, there is a big bitch slap across the face.  When I started this blog, I thought that it would probably really focus on the yoga part of my life....thus.....Transformation Information.....but life has a sense of humor and lots of curves and this blog took on a life of its own.  If there has been any transformation in any one's life,
it has been in mine.  The information.....I think has been more about what has changed me and what I searched for.   I wanted to write a blog that would honestly help people with their lives,
but the blog has become a road map and guide for me.

So, thank goodness for Blackie Bear's editorial skills, and his honest grunts of disgust when I am tapping the keys and trying too hard.  He too, no longer has his whole life in front of him and he has no time for key tapping.
Time for guitar practice and vocals, we have a wonderful gig this week!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I am finding the shortening of time daunting too. My Dad is 91 and I watch while I learn. I am his 'right hand' and am learning to delegate whenever possible which was necessary for both of us. Will I be like him, what will I be doing, can I prevent some of the problems he has (falling, breaking, poor healing were the worst). Its something that sits fermenting away and bubbling to the surface every once in awhile. So, I am doing my best to enjoy the day, the activity, the book, the thoughts, the DGS hugs that especially seem very important to me right now. We carry on.

  2. Your thoughts mirror mine this weekend. My Mom called to talk about spending the day looking at the old family home movies that she had transferred to DVD. Seeing the members of the family who are no longer here and I guess wondering where the time has gone..she's 85 and she traveled the world, was a success in her vocation, raised a large family and carried on when Dad passed away...she was only 49 then. So your friend is right..we should do what we can now..time will march ahead and it never stops. Pretty soon I'll be the one looking at a DVD of my life and wondering how time got the best of me!

  3. Ah, but you have been sharing transformation information - helping us transforming into the person we should be but that we keep buried under the have-to's and what we believe to be the should's. I don't know one single yoga move, but you've helped me more than you'll ever know.

  4. I too am acutely aware of the passage of time. For the past few years I've tried to remind myself that there is no 'right' time, there is only now.

  5. Blackie Bear is wise and just lovely!

    You've just been through a most awful health scare - so big hugs to you! Life is definitely to be lived in the here and now. Take care

  6. There are a lot of us at this stage in our lives now....time to get busy.