Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Night Magic

At 2:00am this morning the alarm clock first I thought.....I am going to kill Rick, why is the clock going off at 2:00am?????  Then we both jumped out of bed, we remembered the meteor showers.
It was 22 degrees at 2:00 am in Empire, Al.   We bundled up, wrapped ourselves in blankets and hit the back deck.  Within a couple of minutes, we saw stars shooting across the sky, in all directions.
The night sky was beauty at its best!  We only stayed out a little while, Rick was worried that I might get too friend Nancy braved the cold for the whole show.   It was magic watching those fragments
cross the heavens,  the cold seemed to intensify their brightness.  The whole night sky seemed to be at its finest.  I hope you all had a chance to make a wish last was worth getting up at 2:00am and worth braving the cold.

I am trying to savor more each and every day.  I want to live, not just pass through.  I have always prided myself in my awareness...but I am pushing now, every day to notice more, feel more, taste more.
I wish that I could convince all those whose lives revolve around how bad life is, to sit up and notice.
You see what you think about, you get what you think about (Wayne Dyer, paraphrased a bit)  During my life, I have been with several people as they were dying.....none of them talked about politics, most didn't talk about religion,  they talked about loving the people around them, how they wished they had more time.

It's hard to explain, but standing in the cold last night, watching those stars, making wishes, I had never felt so alive.   In my neck of the universe, there was supreme contentment and gratitude......I hope you felt it too.


  1. Sounds like it was magic! And contentment is always a blessing. Happy New Year - Marsha

  2. I'm so happy you were able to experience it! I mentioned on Rick's blog that I wish I could have too. Well, I could have but was unwilling to give up the sleep because of working the next day...lame excuse, but true! I hope all your wishes come true!

  3. Sounds like it was quite the show.

  4. Meteor showers are about the only good reason to brave the cold and be up at this ungodly time! LOL! Take care

  5. Positively magical - and a beautiful way to start the year!

  6. I so wish I'd been able to see this. I'm glad you managed to catch it.