Tuesday, January 3, 2012

There Is Enough

I think that one of the reasons I love yoga so much, it is non-competitive......just a personal journey that allows you the freedom to take your practice where you want.  When I first went to college, I went into
fashion design.   I had always sewn many of my own clothes, made clothes for friends, and constantly sketched designs........the cutthroat competition turned my stomach.  People would destroy patterns, fabric, and badmouth anyone they thought might a little bit more talented than they.

As the years have gone by, I have grown to realize it is that way in anything you do.  My thought process is if one person does well, that just opens the door for others.......I have found that not to be a true statement for some.  What makes someone afraid of another person's success,  why would you fear another person's creativity?  Rick says it is young souls, who just haven't found their way in this lifetime.
A very good songwriting buddy Skip, sums it up pretty well too........why can't folks just enjoy making music and leave the ego out of it?  Feel free to substitute any vocation for the word music......art, doctor, teacher,  writer, etc.   I suppose it is so very human.......this drive that some have to one up or outdo someone else.  I just think it is rather like preschoolers on the playground doing their best
to show up their friends.

Our insecurities amaze me,  after all, we are all human, nothing but flesh and bone......but those insecurities breed petty behavior and childish actions.  My mother often said "if you can't say something nice about some one, keep your mouth shut"........I second that motion.  And it is not easy to do that......if someone hurts you, humiliates you , always trying to outdo you......turning the other cheek and keeping the mouth shut become  mountains to be climbed and conquered.  Letting go becomes a test.........of giant proportions.......and more than ten deep breaths are needed.

What started me down this path tonight?  Thoughts of an incredible gathering of some of the most talented people I have ever met........I wrote about it during the Christmas holidays......there were musicians, artists, writers, film makers........and there was complete joy......all were fascinated by each
other's talents and abilities, supportive, kind and giving, happy to be in the midst of each other.
I think of it tonight and wish for more of that feeling for me and everyone else, no matter what you do.
There is enough for us all, share the blessings, the wealth, the talent......there is enough.


  1. Yes there are so many small people in the world who are threatened by someone elses success I am not one of them but that makes me different too many people are just not sure of themself which is why they feel threatened...........

  2. Never been very good with competition. From what I've observed it seems to have a lot to do with fear.

  3. Sometimes I watch Project Runway. I used to sew too and I like seeing how they make their designs. But many times there is jealousy, anger and name-calling on that show. It is disheartening to see. I didn't know it went on at fashion schools too. I also wish everyone could rejoice in each others talents.

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  5. it is hard to overlook people's meanspiritness and jealousies. It's insecurity. I really like Rick's theory - makes it a bit easier to forgive them.