Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Musings

Our blueberry bushes are blooming, peach trees are budding, daffodils are blooming, it is spring on the
30th of January!  Wow.....I keep waiting for winter, but the old man has forgotten to come south.
The nights are still chilly, but the days are around not normal.  All I can think about if it is this warm now, July and August will be those of you who live in cooler climates,
can I come visit this summer?  Have guitar, will travel, can cook!

I taught three yoga classes today, they were all packed.  My community class that I teach on Monday nights was jammed tonight......all ages, teenagers to folks in their seventies.  It was fun, watching the interaction of the generations, and amazing how agile some of the newcomers were.  I love teaching yoga, watching faces as they get the pose for the first time, watching the stress leave their bodies.
Seeing smiles as they all leave.

Thanks for the wise and caring comments that you all left last night.  I appreciate each and every one!  and so does Blackie Bear.   I am rather tired tonight, so I think this might be it.
Wishing you all, good night, sweet dreams.


  1. Central Illinois might not be the cool location you're thinking of, but you're more than welcome, especially if you bring the guitar and let me sing along, of course!

  2. Did you say you cook? Come on over.

  3. Winter's well and truly here - please have him! LOL!

    Take care

  4. You and Rick are more than welcome any time! I will get my guitar playing son to come over for a jam session...he's also doing yoga for the first time and I'm not sure he's loving it yet, but he looks great! Enjoy your warmth down there for now...I'm not expecting to see any blooms on anything for a few more months!