Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I can't help myself, red tulips and white daisies in January........this makes me smile! Thanks to my iPhone for its awesome camera!

My godson is in New York City this week, on radio business......yes, he is a big time radio hot shot, but me and his  mom and dad are the only ones who can brag about it.  He posted a funny post tonight on FB about a taxi ride he took today  His post reminded me of a wild and wacky taxi trip Rick and I had in New York City several years ago.

We had flown up for one of my closest friend's wedding.  Rick was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid.  It was quite a wedding, the bride and groom were in showbusiness, so were most of their friends.  The wedding was much like being in a broadway show.  Needless to say, there are many fun and great memories of that week in NYC.  The wedding was on Saturday night, we never went to bed.....but, we had an early flight on Sunday morning, so Rick and I, along with some of my friend's family members grabbed a taxi in an extremely hung over state.  We sobered up quickly......it seems our driver( middle eastern, broken English) had learned the rules of taxi-world fast.  Our first mistake, telling him we needed to make the airport fast.......no, our first mistake was getting into his taxi.  So, we are flying down the streets of Manhattan at six am on Sunday morning, suddenly......he hits another taxi....nothing major, a fender bump......but he floors it.  The chase is on.....the other taxi driver can barely speak English and now they are yelling foreign obscenities and playing bumper car with their taxies......
We are now sober, all four of us looking at each other, thinking.....we will never see Alabama again.  Light at the end of the tunnel.....we are at the airport, never have you seen four people jump out of a taxi so damn fast.  Praise be to  God, Allah, Buddha and anyone else we can think of......we ran to our plane!

Wow, had not thought of that story in years, thanks Donovan for stirring old memories!
I miss NYC, would love to make a visit there soon, see our friends and make some more memories.


  1. Great New York story! Y'all weren't in Kansas any more, for sure.

  2. That put smile on my face...thanks~

  3. My NYC cab story...There was a line of cabs picking up people at a hotel, and the doorman was making sure that the folks in line didn't jump ahead of one another. He walked down the row of people shouting, "You! First cab. You! Second cab. You! Third cab."

    The third-cab folks were a meek-looking young Japanese couple. They walked carefully up to the third cab, but to make sure they had the right one, they waved and asked the doorman: "This one, sir?"

    The doorman spread his arms in a dramatic gesture and said, "Big as f***in' life!"

  4. Love this story! Glad you made it to the airport in one piece. We had a cabbie in Edmonton who would put his hands over his eyes and say, "I can drive blind."

  5. I want to go to NYC so bad - cos this is such an amazing experience! LOL!! Thanks for making me lol Jilda!!

    Yay for your godson!! Take care

  6. Great story. I have never been to NYC where something odd/fun/weird didn't happen.

  7. Imagine if the plane bumped another on the runway and both pilots started arguing in broken English.

  8. This made me laugh! Great story and I'm sure it was a good time even with the taxi driver! I love the flowers, especially the tulips which are my favs!

  9. Cabbies scare the bejeebies out of me. Nuts!