Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Lesson of the New Year

Have you ever done something, and as soon as you thought, uh oh, that was stupid.
Well, I did that tonight.  Rick and I were  watching a movie, and Buddy ( the weird corgi mix that was  my mom's)
started chewing on something strange and hard.  He was lying in the floor at my feet.  Now Buddy is old,
and arthritic, and  has had some problems with his teeth.  So, I am thinking what ever he is chewing on,
needs to go.........yep, I reached down to take  what turned out to be a Brazil nut from him, and he nailed
my thumb.  I have a really nasty bite,  man it hurt like the dickens!  All Rick and I could think of, is
oh hell, we have a gig next week, thank god it's not the hand you chord the guitar with.  Ha,Ha!

Buddy is now sitting by Rick's desk, looking very sheepish.......he knows he is on my list.  Now, I have to figure out how to hold a pick with band-aids on my thumb.  Buddy has always been a snapper, and I knew to always be extra careful when giving him his treats.......I can promise you, I will never try to take a Brazil nut away from him again, ugh!

You know, that is where as a human I screwed  up, our dogs become such a part of our household, our family, that we matter how cute they are, they are animals.  Buddy gave me a painful
reminder of that tonight.   Painful lesson learned tonight, first one of the new year.


  1. Ahhh booo! Dog bites are no fun.

  2. Hope you used some peroxide or something on the bite. Keep an eye on it while you heal. Its tough when you play an guitar.

  3. Jilda,
    And yet your care for this little guy still shines through your post. :) good for you, and hope the finger heals quickly.

  4. I agree with Marsha. I get the feeling you blame yourself more than you blame Buddy :-)

  5. Ouch..but watch that thumb..those things can turn bad quickly.