Saturday, January 14, 2012

Questions and Answers

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer"  -Zora Neale Hurston

Fourteen days into 2012, what kind of year has it been so far?  I hope that it will be one of enlightenment and growth, both spiritually and musically for me.  This first fourteen days has been quite eventful, already there is loss,  already there is great joy for those in my life.  I already have questions that need answers, I hope the answers come soon .

I think back to years when I was young and wacky,  there were times I had no questions, so there were never answers.......but then life caught up with me, and the questions hit hard......and it was a few years before there were answers.......even now, I still wait for some of the answers, who knows if they will ever come.

Don't think that because the answers come, it makes the year better......sometimes it does, often no.
Looking back, some of the years that I had the most questions........turned out to be pretty damn good years(with hindsight)  I learned a lot, have learned lessons already this year......this could be an interesting year.

The vision board is not done, I am taking my time, really thinking about what I want this year.  What do I want to spend my life energy on?   One thing I know, there is a great thirst in my spirit for some time in the desert......I see myself  there this year.  Already this year, the music has taken a great leap forward........I have vision for this year, just have to organize and execute.  But every year should be that way, shouldn't it?   Vision, then  organization and execution.

Only time will tell if this will be a year of answers or questions, or one of both.   I have patience.
For you all, are there answers that you seek or questions that haunt you?  Make sure you really want the answers and ask the hard questions.


  1. As I often tell the hubby..."If you are not prepared for the answers, don't ask the question."

  2. Oh I'm terrible. I channel my inner kitty and tend to live for the moment! But only because I find tomorrow rather scary and yesterday as over!

    Take care

  3. I used to have many questions when I was young. Like you, most of them have been answered. I don't think I have any this year. No questions, just resting in peace.

  4. I do not know what I truly want for 2012, yes I could run off a bunch of unimportant things but what I would really like to see come this year I have not decided yet......

  5. I hope we never run out of the questions because Life is full of so many puzzles waiting to be opened and discovered.
    I hope you are feeling much better now!