Sunday, January 22, 2012


January 22, 7:56 pm and it is in the sixties......they say we are in for a rough ride tonight.  I know for all of you who live where it is cold and snow and grey, you would love to be, no, no....not tonight.  When we have have 60 and 70 degree weather in January and February, it is NEVER good.
We are in the tornado zone tonight, the forecast is for those babies that stay on the ground for miles.
I would love to be where it is snowy and cold and grey tonight.  This too shall pass, but if you live in Tenn., Ms. or Alabama as the weather guys say,  know your plan.  Stay safe, my friends.

On a happier note,  a few years a go, I got into the 10,000 steps a day walking program.  It was great,
I could eat anything I wanted, had loads of energy.....and then for some reason I just drifted away.
I continued to walk, daily, but I timed my walks and I could see my body changing.  So last week,
I found my pedometer and started the program again.  Right now, I am shooting for the 10,000 steps at least four days a week, hoping to build back up to seven days soon.  I love the yoga, and all that it does for my body, but I also love to eat and I am not burning nearly enough 10,000 steps it is.    Oh yes, and update on the earthing that I talked about last spring and summer, still do that too, though we have had so much rain the past few weeks, ........
I am a wimp, mud squishing between my toes just does not get it.

It has been so warm, the daffodils are budding, the forsythia is blooming and there are buds setting on the peach trees.  Camellias are in full bloom too, there are pink ones nearby that look like rose trees.  I drove by my mom's old house, her red camellias are blooming......she loved them. Often when they were in full bloom, people would stop by and ask to take pictures of them.....and she would always give them a bouquet.  I am so happy that the couple who bought her house have taken care of her flowers.

Today was my kid brother's birthday.  He lives next door( he is Jordan's grandfather).  I called him early this morning and sang happy birthday to him, later this week is Jordan's fourth birthday.
He is now telling people that he will be twelve.  What do you buy a four year old, who thinks he is twelve?  HaHa!

So tonight, it has been a ramble, but sometimes it feels good to ramble.  Wishing you all a good week, may the traffic gods smile on you, no waiting in line, and no bills in the mail!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. It seems strange for you to have such warm weather and I'm sorry it bodes tornadoes. I pray God will protect everyone.

  2. Rambling is good!! Rambling and walking even better!! Awww I do hope the tornadoes hold off! Oh dear, please take care!!

    You got me thinking of my pedometer now! I used to be quite religious about attaching that darned thing to my belt and walking away and for some reason I just got bored with it and kept forgetting to take it with me! Hmmm, now I have this urge to find it! LOL!

    Awwww happy birthday to your brother!!! Hope he had a special day!! Jordan sounds so so cute!! Tell him being five is far better than being 12! LOL!! Awww what a sweetie!

    Take care

  3. I hope the tornadoes don't get you. I can't even begin to imagine what waiting for one to hit must feel like.

  4. I heard about the Tornados that went through your area. I hope you are alright today.
    I remember when we lived in north Alabama I used to feel the same way... if the temperture was warmer than normal ... then better watch out!
    I never got over the fear. However, even at that... I would still like to move back to either Alabama or Tennessee. I put the fear in the back of my mind and think I'll deal with it when I'm there. Actually a tornado can happen almost anywere (well maybe not where it stays cold all winter) it's just that Alabama and Tennessee are much more susceptible.
    Where I live now (in south Texas) we would probably have tornados if we weren't always in the middle of drought. Usually no thunderstorm = no tornado.